Rome Sweet Home?

It is August of 1993, in Chicago. A meeting of the World Parliament of Religions, forerunner of the coming World Church. Do I need tell you which religious group played the leading role in this most Satanic of assemblies? It seemed the whole world was running to Rome in those days. assemblies of god church builders

In 1994, continuing my research into the Roman question, I was introduced to a book that has become quite popular in Protestant leadership circles. It is the story of a leader who converted to the Roman system, Scott Hahn. His book is called Rome Sweet Home.

After I read the book, I was amazed at how solid, even now, some of the arguments sound to me. I had to go immediately to the Word of God, to reassure myself that things hadn’t really changed there. When I was confident that it was Scott, and not the Bible, that was making a change, I spent most of an entire day writing the following letter. I trust it will benefit you, and help you understand once more how clever is the Enemy, how close are his deceptions, and how serious is the matter of personal discipleship, and commitment to seeking out the truth of God’s Word.

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