Six Myths About Health Supplements

Today health supplements easily available for us and we are aware of the good benefits that these supplements add to our general health, we are also not hesitant in trying them for almost every health issue and most commonly weight- loss. Before seeking herbal supplements for weight-loss, chronic diseases or weakness in your body it is important to have clear understanding of what health supplements can offer.

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Myth #1: Health supplements are for everyone. If you have medical condition you must consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplements, you can’t just give the product a try based on positive feedback from your friend experience with the product, especially when you are on medication for treating a disease you are suffering from Elite pharma steroids . Yes there are many proven herbal supplements that can lower your blood sugar or cholesterol but these are for healthy people who are at risk of having the disease. Consulting your doctor is important if you have weak kidney or medical condition.

Myth #2: Health supplements are for treatment. We take supplements to improve our general health and not as cure or treatment for medical condition or disease. Yes you can find many success stories for patient finding cure in herbal supplements or tonic but this does not mean you have to use them without proper guidance and knowledge.

Myth #3: Health supplement has no side effects. This is not true; it all depends on the ingredients, its freshness and how your body will react to it. To minimize health risk or any side effects try to find more information about the product from different reliable sources. Find out if there is a genuine negative feedback about the product and is it banned in any country. Generally buying products that are not approved by FDA from unknown supplier or manufacture is not advised.

Myth #4: Taking more causes no harm. You need to take supplements as directed by manufacturer and health expert. Understanding your body need is important step in knowing what supplement you should take and for how long, taking more than what your body requires may not benefit you.

Myth #5: Has no scientific backing. Herbal supplements have been the way for improving health and treating disease for years in many communities around the world and many has benefited for herbal supplements as another alternative to modern medicine and through usage and research that many belief that herbs is beneficial to our health. Green tea usage in Japan and ginseng in Korea for many years is an example of approval.

Myth #6: I’m young I don’t need to take supplements. It is true that as we grow old we need to take more supplements, it is true also if you are young and your diet is unbalanced or you have deficiencies in some mineral or vitamins than you need to take supplements. Studies also has shown that while we are young and growing our body will benefit more from supplements than when we have aged.

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