How to Get Your Free Instant Credit Score

If you are in a hurry to learn your credit score right away, you could be frustrated to learn that not all credit reports are available instantly and they don’t always include credit scores in the report. Even more confusing is the fact that you have not one credit score but three, one for each credit bureau and they are not always the same. Read on as we decypher the world of free credit reports and show you how to get your free instant credit score without hassle and confusion.

There are several ways to get a free copy of your credit report, but credit scores are a different matter. Your credit score, also known as a FICO score is determined by a complex and highly secret algorithm developed by the Fair Issac Company. There are three major credit bureaus that each maintain separate data on your credit history. From this data, each bureau computes your FICO score and this is the score that they provide to creditors when you are seeking a line of credit.

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The problem i s that because they use separate databases, the credit scores are not always the same. Even tiny differences in your scores can have a drastic effect on whether or not you are eligible for a loan and if so at what rate. For this reason, it is important that you seek out a source of all three credit reports and scores if you are hoping to secure a loan in order to get the full picture of your credit situation.

One of the most popular free credit report services, the one with the catch y jingles doesn’t even provide a credit score at all with their reports, much less all three. This is actually common among many of the free credit report sites on the web.

Fortunately, there are some sites and services that do provide access data from all 3 bureaus. To be sure what you are getting when you request your free credit report, you will have to read the fine print of the offer or refer to a credit report review site like the one linked below for guidance.

What you are ideally looking for is a 3-1 report with scores. This is an industry term for all three credit reports and all three credit scores.

There are several providers that offer a 3-1 report with scores for instant online download when you sign up for a free trial of one of their credit monitoring offers. Altogether this is not a bad deal. You get immediate access to the data you need, plus you get to try out a new service that can help you maintain good credit over the long run.

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