Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Blog

Blogs have been around for many years now, and even so, they are as popular now as they ever have been.Originally, they were used for personal use in the form of an online diary.However, when people realised that there was money to be made in blogging it didn’t take long for the world of blogging go to the next level. It is now the norm that someone starting a blog will look to make some money through it. To help you in creating your blog, here are 5 tips to get you thinking in the right way.

1. It is a business, after all, so treat it as one. The idea when starting a blog is to make you money .Take the time to make your blog a success. If you are looking for overnight wealth then look elsewhere! Your blog will need time to evolve and may even need a few months before you see positive results. Treat it like a normal business and with time and effort it will eventually succeed.

2. A plan is vital.Take some time to plan what you want your blog to do and how you are going to achieve it.Most successful businesses start with a plan. There are a few questions you should be asking. Who will your visitors be, and how will you get them to spend on your site?How many visitors do you need to click on your products to make money? Do you have a percentage number in mind?How are you going to get visitors to your blog? These are just some of the basic questions you need to ask when you first think of how to blog.

3. Even though sites like and are free and are fantastic for anyone wanting to create a new blog, but there are some caveats that should be heeded. If you host on one of these free sites, then you should expect less control over your blog. Just beware that, they can remove your blog with little or no warning.

4. The good news, however, is that for just a few dollars you can use and and their blogging platforms for free. Set them up though using your own domain and hosting. A domain name should cost you little per year and to find a decent hosting company should cost less than $10 per month. Shop around for deals when looking for domains and hosting. Many companies offer discounts and deals, so don’t just look at the first company you see and take their offer,

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