About Displaying Disability Parking Signs

There are more variety of parking signs than just parking and no parking. A wide array of signs can be found in parking areas. One parking sign that is required are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) handicapped signs. They must be available and displayed according to government and state laws. Often these parking signs are placed on a few parking spots close to the entrance of a building. Other spots that are growing in popularity are stork parking, which is parking designated with a sign for expecting mothers and new mothers.

Other signs include fire lanes, tow away, reserved, security, restricted area and tags required. Each of these signs has a purpose. A fire lane sign helps keep an area in the parking area clear of parked vehicles. This will help fire trucks and other handicap permit such equipment get to the building efficiently in case there is a fire. These parking signs or no parking signs are placed at the start and end of the lane. It is possible if a vehicle is parked within this area that they will be towed away. It is a good idea to talk to the fire department to know what area would work best for the fire lane. Other parking signs that are seen will be tow away signs that might be indicated with other signs as well, such as if parking in a handicap spot without proper tags.

There are parking areas and parking spots that are reserved. This might be reserved for a particular person or a particular customer base. These parking signs might even indicated that it is a parking spot for customers to pick up items only and is restricted to a certain amount of time. It is not uncommon for big parking lots to have signs informing motorists that the area is fit with security cameras. These are often parking signs found in department store or mall parking lots.

No matter the parking sign it has to be weather resistant. Even though some signs are found in a parking garage they are often still exposed to certain elements. Outside signs are rained on, snowed on and endure extreme temperatures and UV rays that can fade a sign. Parking garage signs could become fragile due to extreme temperatures if not treated or a proper material. Some parking lots also require certain parking permits for those allowed to park there. These tags must be displayed and if a vehicle doesn’t have a tag they could be fined or towed.

Parking signs need to have a reflective material or coating to ensure the information can be seen both day and night. The reflective surface allows the information to be visible when vehicle lights shine on the sign. These signs are commonly made of aluminum which is rust proof, moisture resistance, durable and fade resistant. It can also be made out of sturdy steel or plastic. The ink is even treated to not fade.

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