Poker Satellites – The Best Value in Online Poker

Online poker games are tougher now than they’ve ever been before. That’s why it’s especially critical that players exercise intelligent game selection and actively seek out the most profitable opportunities, because you can be quite sure that they won’t be coming to you.

For my money, the softest possible opportunities in online poker can all be found in one place – the tournament satellite lobby  Poker88 . Why are satellites so soft? There are a variety of reasons, and by exploring why satellites offer such a great value to online poker players, you’ll also learn the mistakes not to make when you start mining one of the best veins for profit in all of online poker.

The very nature of satellites guarantee that you’ll get a weak field. Satellites are the lottery of poker – they offer the chance for a small investment to be parlayed into a massive payday (via the winning of a seat and then success in the target tournament). That sort of appeal is going to inherently attract players who are looking to gamble, who are looking for a path to a quick score, as opposed to smart players who represent your tough opposition.

Satellites also have more of an appeal to casual players – while some forms of online poker can seem esoteric to a recreational or predominately live player think super-turbos, -max shootouts, and so so), satellites are firmly rooted in the lexicon of almost all poker players. The more familiar with a format players are, the more likely they are to participate, and satellite fields are weak as a result.

Even strong players can easily make mistakes in satellites, where the emphasis on survival – especially near the bubble – is so strong that it often dictates some very strange plays. I can’t think of another situation in poker where it’s proper to fold AA preflop, but you’ll find plenty of those situations in satellite play.

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