Finding a Local Roofing Contractor

Choosing a qualified and trustworthy roofing contractor in Santa Rosa, CA is very important when it comes to the overall maintenance of a home. Your roof is what protects a home from the elements and you want to make certain it is stable, going to last long, leak proof, and you are not going to pay too much getting it worked on.

This may come as a surprise but you are probably not the only one who has a house flat roof repairs. Anyone who owns a home will need their roof repaired and patched up every 20 years. Why not ask them who they went with and if they were satisfied? Did they feel like they completed the job in a timely fashion or did they take forever? Was the roofing contractor that they picked pleasant to work with? How was their customer service department and did they answer all questions and complaints in an acceptable way? Even though the job was done right, was the price fair?

If a roofing company has been in business for at least five years they have some sort of reputation. They have a reputation with local businesses, suppliers, creditors, past customers, and their employees. You want to find out what it is. Have their past customers been pleased? Do they owe everyone around town? How do their employees feel about them.

There are tons of forums, review sites, and local Santa Rosa blogs on the internet you can check. You just have to spend a little time doing it. People talk and you can find out a lot by typing in a roofing contractor’s name with some keywords in the search engines.

I would also suggest you ask around town. Talk to some of the managers at Home Depot, Lowes, or suppliers of roofing materials. These guys will give you some inside information. They will know all the roofing outfits around town and can usually give you the dirt on all of them.

Please be diligent in ensuring a potential roofing contractor has several years of experience. I know every business has to start somewhere but you do not want your house to be a “guinea pig”. You want to go with a company that has seen and heard it all. Problems are bound to arise the any construction industry and you want to know that your roofing contractor is prepared to deal with them. Five years is usually good enough.

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