Starting Your own Massage Business

Before starting your own massage business, you already need to have therapeutic massage experience, so i will not be covering that aspect. After all, you know you are ready to start your therapeutic massage business when your customers are coming back for more, and when the money you earned from your side-gig as a masseur is no longer considered ‘pocket money’. Or maybe you have worked at a spa or for somebody else and now you are ready to take the plunge and go on your own. 출장마사지 You can do this, and here are some tips to get you started.

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When you begin a new business, any kind of business, the first step is making a business plan. What type of massage are you gonna be offering to your clients? Most experienced counselors learn 2-3 different styles and specialize in them, with focus on one particular style. It is good to either have a certification from a massage school, not only to hang if from your wall, but to increase your credibility with your clients and really know you can do it.

The next phase is actually becoming a business. You need to register a company name and the business type. Usually your local Chamber of Commerce will be able to help you with this step. You also need to have a location for your business. Will it be a home based business, in one of your rooms dedicated to therapeutic massage, or hired space someplace else?

Once you have gotten over the first steps of planning everything out and sometimes a business space, now it’s the time to arrange it properly. First, you will need a good massage table. Do not rush this decision as it is important and a good investment in the long run. Are you gonna be planning a trip to them to give them massage (which means you will need a good portable massage table) or will you base your therapy business solely in your own practice? Massage tables are by no means cheap, but they last for many years to come, and giving your clients the most comfort they can get is essential in making them return customers.

Next thing is advertising your business. This is a step not to be overlooked, because while word of mouth goes a long way, it is not enough to make it a sustainable business. A business needs many returning customers and advertising locally is a must. Here are a few things you need to do:

  1. Your business needs to have a website properly optimized for the keywords them will do some searching online for. ‘Massage therapy in Houston’ would be a good keyword to rank high for if you are in Houston.
  2. Your website needs advertising and proper SEO. Depending on your marketing knowledge, you can either do it all by yourself, or hire a good marketing expert or expert that will do all this for you.
  3. This will free your time on doing other important things like getting a good set of business cards. Having business cards that you can hand out to friends and the wonderful you meet in several places, is a must. For example earlier on, when i was learning reiki therapy and getting myself attuned to it, I met a female who was a craniosacral therapy practitioner. We started talking, she gave me her card, and I have been one of her customers ever since.
  4. Furnish your business. A therapeutic massage is a must, but you also need take into consideration other features your massage space needs to have: proper lighting, a reception area, a small office to take care of the logistics, etc.
  5. When you have all these done, it is time to open your business. Business cards and advertisements in the local newspapers, magazines and even radio will help greatly with this step. Also provide a free massage to the first x people coming to you, or give them a discount voucher for their next massage. The number of choices here are endless as long as you attract customers and make them return.

Having a therapeutic massage business is more than just having massage skills. If you want to begin a business, you need to treat it as a result. You need to be aware that there is lots of competition out there and you need to do all you could can to get them and make them get back to you over and over again. So it is important to have the proper equipment in place, such as a very good and reliable massage table, have your massage space, have a website and have the marketing advertising in place. It is tough but it can be done. All you need is have a proper plan you will follow to the letter, step by step.

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